A list of happy clients.

Thank you so much for all you have done for me over the past 9 years. I know it has been a long haul for you and I really do appreciate the fact that you hung in there and never gave up. The payment I have out of the settlement has made a huge difference in my life and for that I have to be grateful.

Judy de Kock

Legal matters are by their very nature stressful. And when their focus is emotionally bound, such as in the case of a divorce, possibly even more so. My experience of going through such an ordeal has, at many levels, been made more bearable through the professionalism, respect, detailed attention, skilled practice and advice of Houghton Harper’s attorneys and their support staff, especially attorney Duncan Houghton. His professionalism has at all times extended beyond me, his client, to the defendant and his team in this matter. Mr Houghton has been firm, but not inflammatory in championing my rights and my cause; expert, wise, thorough, strong and fair. He has guided my process with a concern for all affected, and with complete commitment. There has not been a moment when I have had the need to doubt his strength or ability professionally, or that he has my – and my family’s – best interests in mind at all times. He has presented my case with excellence, consistently seeking the best possible resolution, and has allowed me a relative peace of mind and confidence in what has been a protracted and very difficult matter. For all this I am deeply grateful to him. I have been very relieved to have had him on my side, and would recommend him and his colleagues at Houghton Harper without hesitation to anyone in need of legal advice and assistance

Tracy Murinik

I would like to say thank you for taking my Road Accident Fund case and devoting so many hours into building up a worthy case. I am extremely happy with the outcome and today is the first time in years that I feel like I can start a new life with new beginnings and happiness. I’m sure my case wasn’t the easiest. I am very grateful for your determination and tenacity. This process has taught me many things about myself and if I didn’t go through it I wouldn’t be able to better my life and have a better understanding of how an accident can affect your life. Today I start my recovery and I only have your firm to thank

Candida van Dyk

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