Do Your Really Need the Help of a Lawyer for Road Accident Fund Claims in South Africa?

Many Road Accident Fund claims go unpaid because claimants do not follow the correct claiming procedure, do not claim within the prescribed period of time, or fail to provide strong supporting evidence.

How does making use of the services offered by a lawyer for Road Accident Fund claims in South Africa help?

Claiming from the Road Accident Fund can be a complicated process. You need to follow correct the procedure, follow up on the progress of your claim, and make sure that you complete the correct claim forms. A lawyer for Road Accident Fund claims in South Africa understands the technicalities and procedures involved. As such, the attorney will help you avoid pitfalls regarding the allowable timeframe in which to submit the claim, the forms to complete, and the information that must be provided.

For your RAF claim to be successful, you need to ensure that the claim is accompanied by relevant hospital and clinical records, as well as medical practitioner reports. The information must be submitted using the RAF1 and RAF4 forms, and must be completed by the relevant medical care providers. A lawyer for Road Accident Fund claims in South Africa understands which documents must be obtained and will assist you in obtaining such documents and reports from the various medical care providers.

In addition to the above, the RAF claim must also be accompanied by the relevant SAPS accident report, investigation report, and Police sketch of the road incident. All the reports mentioned must be obtained, paid for, and submitted. Just keeping track of all the supporting documents can already be a daunting task, which is why it is best handled by a lawyer for Road Accident Fund claims in South Africa.

Add to the above the requirement of an affidavit in which you must explain how the incident occurred, and you can understand how complex the claiming procedure can be. Just the wording of the affidavit could be enough to have your claim declined. An attorney experienced in Road Accident Fund claims in South Africa will help you formulate the wording of the affidavit.

Considering that your claim must be quantified regarding the expenses you claim, you can understand how a lawyer in Road Accident Fund claims can help you to avoid common pitfalls.

Finally, also consider that the Road Accident Fund has 120 business days in which to pay out on the claim. Although it seems straightforward enough, from time to time, the RAF does not pay out within the given period. Should this happen, you will want an experienced attorney to assist with the litigation process, which entails getting a High Court Summons with litigation to follow, in order to have the RAF pay out on the claim.

Call on us at Houghton Harper for the professional assistance you need to successfully claim compensation from the RAF if you have been a victim of a road accident in South Africa.

Disclaimer: Note that the information in this article is for information purposes only and should not be seen as an attempt to provide legal advice. We strongly recommend that you contact us at Houghton Harper for professional legal advice. July 2018

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