The discussion of fees is one that takes place at the very first encounter between the attorney and the client, and continues throughout the case, and at times, beyond the finalisation of a matter. We are extremely mindful of the tight financial circumstances that the majority of the population of our country live in. For this reason, we have systems in place to assess and curtail unnecessary fees and disbursements being incurred on clients’ matters.

We take the time to incorporate each client’s unique financial circumstances into our business model, so as to ensure as much as possible that our clients have access to justice.

Our attorneys’ professional fees are billed at an hourly rate or on a no-win-no-fee basis, which is regulated by the Contingency Fee Act. Each client enters into the fee agreement which best suits their case.

Our attorneys will explain in detail how the agreements differ from one another and will answer all questions relating to the attorney-client agreement, which mandates us to act on your behalf and regulates the terms of our relationship.

Contingency fee agreements in terms of the Contingency Fee Act require more administrative paperwork to be completed and do not equate to the attorney just deciding to take any percentage of a client’s capital settlement.

We are always prepared to assess the viability of cases based on enquiries submitted online or telephonically, and to advise you at no cost on the way forward after a preliminary assessment of the facts.

Contact us now on info@houghtonharper.co.za for a no-obligation cost-free assessment of your query.

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